5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

As well as adults, kids need to have their own personal space. Children need a place where they can develop a sense of independence and escape to just be free and by themselves. Exit playhouses can be the perfect solution for that. Every parent wants their child to be happy and getting a playhouse for them might be one of the best things you can do to make them feel happy. They provide children with a safe and fun play area that doesn’t require constant parent supervision. All you need for one of these is a small area in your backyard for the playhouse. It is a small investment of money that has lots of worthwhile benefits for your kids. Here are 5 reasons you should own an exit playhouse in your garden.

5 Reasons You Should Have An Exit Playhouse In Your Garden

1: Exercise

Children also need exercise like adults. Playing outside in a playhouse will increase the amount of time they will move their bodies around being active and exerting energy. Exercise keeps relieves stress, promotes healthy digestion as well as having them feeling better psychologically. Exercise is the best way to keeps healthy. Kids need a lot of exercises, especially as they are still developing mentally and physically. Engaging in an outdoor activity like playing in a playhouse, is a great way to keep them healthy and active.

2: Social Skills

Playing involves a lot of social activity, gives children the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and develop their social skills. The friendships and relationships that are formed in a playing environment are great for their overall social development. Whether this is with a friend, a cousin or a next-door neighbour, this will lay the groundwork for creating happy and healthy relationships in the future when they grow up.

3: Fresh Air

Getting access to good quality fresh air has many health benefits. If your child is playing in a playhouse out in the back garden rather than inside then they are much more likely to run in and out of the house, therefore getting much needed fresh air. Fresh air relaxes your body and mind, cleans your lungs and energises your whole body and the brain. Getting fresh air every day will help your child feel better and be healthier.

4: Immune System

When children are playing, they will be using a lot of energy from their body. If your child is not doing some sort of physical activity regularly then their body and immune system will become weaker. This will result in a lesser resistance from sickness and diseases. They will be accustomed to getting sick very easily from having a weak immune system. By setting up a playhouse you will encourage more physical activity and ultimately build up their immune system ensuring a healthier child.

5: Stronger Bones And Muscles

All the of the countless hours of playing in a playhouse brings lots of different movements and coordination patterns. These include things like climbing, crawling, sliding and jumping which will do wonders for them physically. The muscles in their legs, hands, and body will get stronger and healthier which will aid in overall bone health and growth.

Playhouses are something every child should have in their back garden. They will be instrumental in their upbringing and provide a great place for countless hours of fun, exercise, and many more of the benefits outlined above. You’ll also give yourself more quiet time to yourself. Visit us online today and check out our fantastic range of Exit Playhouses.